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About Us at Kendall Kastle Cavaliers

In 1998 I met my first Cavalier, Charlie. He was the companion to a family of 4 and I was totally enamoured by him. I made a note to myself to investigate this breed when my larger dogs passed on thinking they would make a great house pet. Man, I had no idea how that would translate into what we have today.....


Our Cavalier love story began with our first girl, Saving Grace. I brought her home shortly after delivering our oldest child to college. She filled a hole in my heart with her love and devotion. I love her so much that I thought I needed to find a girl I could show. That's when I really got bit by the showing bug with Zoey, Legacy Hell on Wheels of KendallKastle. She taught me so much and was very patient. She's retired from showing now and is making her greatest contribution with the next generation.

Donny's Championship

Needless to say, we now have a small, home-based breeding program. All our dogs live with us at our feet and in our laps. Our puppies are raised in our home as well. Being a retired Animal Health Technician, health and temperament are imperative for me and our greatest priority. I know that a majority of my pups will not go on to become show dogs however much I might wish they could.


We do any and ALL health testing available for all our dogs and strive to follow all moral and ethical guidelines while creating these beautiful babies. We can't keep them all, unfortunately, so occasionally we have puppies available to place into love homes. If you are interested in a KendallKastle Cavalier, please complete our puppy questionnaire. If you have general questions about cavaliers, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions about these delightful little dogs!

A HUGE thanks to Dawn Stevens-Lindemaier, (Legacy Cavaliers), Heidi Mohn, (Covington Cavaliers), and Trudy Owens (Cedar Creek Cavaliers) without whose trust and mentorship we never would have been able to build our little family of show dogs. 

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